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The Best beer growlers you need to buy

Beer has been one of the symbols of peace, joy and relaxation. If a person gets tired from his busy schedule, then at night peacefully consuming beer is the only wish he prays for. Since time immemorial, beer has been one of the tastiest less-alcoholic drink. It has multiple numbers of benefits if consumed adequately. Beer helps in reducing heart disease, strengthening bones, boosts nutrients, reduces the risk of kidney stones, etc. This less-alcoholic drink is shipped from one country to another. Export and import of good quality of the beer are done in many countries like America, Europe, Australia, etc. Beers are poured inside a bottle and transported from one country to another. The container of the beer is also called growler or beer growler.

What is Beer Growler?

Growler or beer growler is a glass, plastic or stainless steel bottle or container used to ship beer in countries like US, Japan, Canada, etc. Beers are generally sold in bars, pubs or roadside shops. Growlers can be easily filled, sealed and also refilled. In factories or any beer-refilling station, the beer is poured in the growler and then sealed with a cork-like structure. This cork-like structure helps in preventing the fragrance of beer to go out. The lustrous nature of the growler makes it more attractive and demanding.

Importance of Beer Growler

A beer growler is generally used in the transportation of beer from one place to another. It has the capacity to contain a large amount of beer. The container is air-tight, hence, it does not allows the carbon dioxide present in the beer to go out. It helps in storing the fragrance of the drink for many days. Due to its large size, a huge quantity of beer can be filled inside it. It can also be refilled once the beer gets over. In this way, one can easily keep a good stock of beer in their home or pub or bar.

Types of Beer Growlers

Basically, there are three types of beer growler. The division is done on the basis of material used in the making of the growler. The importance of all the three types are growlers are mentioned below:-

  1. Glass:- Growlers made up of glass are easily available in the market. It is very popular also. It is recommended not to buy a growler made up of clear glass as the beer inside it may turn bad if it gets in contact with UV rays of the sun. Moreover, the glass bottle may break if slipped out of the hand. It may also crack due to large pressure. So, a glass beer growler should be handled with care. However, the shiny appearance of the glass beer growler adds attraction towards it.

  1. Stainless Steel:- This type of beer growler is very popular and easy to carry. It is not as fragile as compared to glass beer growler. It means that if a beer growler made up of stainless steel slips from the hand, then also it will not break. Due to steel covering, the liquid inside it remains as it is. It means that if a hot or cold liquid is poured inside a steel growler then, due to insulation the liquid present inside remains hot or cold respectively. The never-fading lustre of steel growler is one of the best feature which makes it more attractive and demading. It is easily portable. One can carry steel growler from one place to another.

Ceramic:-Ceramic beer growler is also popular but it is very costly. It is highly fragile and break if slips from the hand. One cannot see through the growler which may cause the problem at the time of refilling. A ceramic beer growler looks amazing but it is very heavy and cannot be carried away easily. Still, ceramic bottles are used in pubs and houses as it has great looks.

Importance of Cleaning Beer growler

  1. Hot water bath:- As soon as the growler gets empty, it is advised to clear it with warm refilled keeping it free from any bacterial attacks.
  2. Cleaning it with cleanser:- After giving it a hot water bath, it is recommended not to use oil-based soap other If the residuals are left behand then it may ruin the taste of the beer after refilling it.
  3. Air-dry:- After completing the cleansing process, the bottle should be kept properly to air dry. It is recommended not to use towels for drying them.

Hence, it can be seen that beer growler is important. The attractive varieties have made use of growlers more demanding. The air-tight container helps in maintaining the scent of the beer for a longer period. The refilling feature is also very good. One may go to the brewery for refilling it once the beer gets finished. All the types of growlers are special in their own way. Before purchasing a beer growler, the components should be kept in mind. There are so many beer growlers available in the market but one should be very careful while purchasing it. Beer growlers have a special significance. It is generally used for transportation and import and export of beer shares a large area of the market throughout the world. It is advised to consume beer in small and adequate proportion because we all are aware of the saying that excess of anything is bad.…