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How to Choose the Best Manual Can-Openers For You

A can opener can be one of the most trusty tools in your kit when working around the kitchen. Unless you have a trusty all-metal rotary opener that’s been in the family for years, the next option would be that you’ve been using plastic options which keep breaking after a couple of uses. There are certain factors that determine the best tools like durability, strength, speed and comfort, safety, etc. Electric can openers are always another option for those having a lot of canned food or have trouble using the manual options. In this context, we’ve compiled a couple of good options that will save you from further frustration and lost money. There are definitely other good options but this list covers a majority of the better options available in the market.

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener

While this tool lacks flashiness and special features, it makes up for this in power and good construction. It can easily pierce through lids while staying attached to the edges and can make its way around almost all cans with no catches or resistances along the way. The handles are made of rubber, making them easy to grip and negating the possibility of hand fatigue when opening through multiple cans. Even beginners can operate this tool with least possibility of room error. The tool boasts of inherent ease of using along with sufficient speed and durability. The possible drawbacks are resultant sharp-edged lids and that it is designed for right-handed users.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

This tool personifies safety and comfort. It easily attaches to the top of cans and there is a visual guideline to assist the users instead of attempting guesswork while gliding around the edges. It makes sure that the top separates cleanly from the base like the lid of a jar. The tool’s speed is compromised as compared to other options but it is more comfortable and less likely to break in one’s grip. The pinchers are built into the opener’s metal controlled by the handle. The steady construction makes it a good option for the future. The price is also better so buying a can-opener shouldn’t feel like much of an investment. A possible drawback could be that overuse may lead to its plastic components and safety blades may not effectively work in the long run.

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter

This tool is for those who do not possess a dominant right hand. The knob for operation is placed on top of the opener. The speed is among the best throughout other options with the help of small pinchers that lift can lids. The handle, knob and the button on the tool are all made of plastic which might compromise its durability for a steady future. The product is also reviewed to have limited shelf life on the lid-lifter part.

Made in USA can opener

As in the name, the tool prides itself in American manufacturing tactics with sturdiness and durability to last. The construction is similar to that of EZ-DUZ-IT, while costing twice as much, which reaches an obvious conclusion.

OCO Good Grips Can Opener

This rotary opener combines the advantages of functionality of the classic EZ-DUZ-IT and the round, well-padded knob of the OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge. The tool is built for comfort while using and has great reviews for its customers. The gears are secured with the handle using plastic, possibly compromising durability. The tool produces sharp edges when used and can be used by right-handed individuals.

Bartelli Soft Edge 3-in-1

While the tool looks odd, the presence of a bottle opener right below the knob that looks like Mickey Mouse ears is simple enough once you get acquainted with it. There is a slight edge with the thickness of the can’s perimeter that requires more force with the tool. The tool is very comfortable to use even for a beginner. Its plastic construction could compromise with its long-term integrity but its use results in safe edges while being good for left-handed users.

US Shelby Co. P-51

This tool is currently sold along with its smaller companion, the P-38. The tools are made to be small and portable as well as durable. They also have a historical touch, having originated during World War II. They are highly useful, can open any can with enough practice and elbow grease. However, it takes a long time to get the hang of it and the small size can hurt your hand the first couple of times. It is also difficult to get the P-38’s blade propped up and kept away from the base. It is great as a handy gift to another friend or if you want something small to go for hiking. For everyday use, you could easily misplace the tool somewhere in the multitude of drawers or can potentially hurt your thumbs.

Korin Gangy No.300 Can Opener

This tool was exceedingly popular for a limited period of time. It is sleek, the bright red-like colour and its handle-like design prove a change from the traditional rotary openers in black and chrome. The packaging is also pretty attractive. Since it is a fixed opener, there is no plastic used in its construction and there are no moving parts anywhere on the device. However, trails have shown that it is pretty difficult to use with multiple attempts needed to know how to move the opener and at what angle it needs to be operated. Considerable strength is needed to move the device and there is an extremely sharp and exposed blade which could leave jagged edges and difficult to use for children and otherwise compromised people. So, if you are skilled with your hands or if you want something cool to show to your friends, this tool is extremely useful but you must be considerate of aspects such as safety and the lack of ease to use.

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