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Lucky Patcher – The Best App Ever Created For Android Devices!

Before going to the review of the lucky patcher app we should know ,what exactly is the lucky patcher app is? What does it do? Who made it? Etc.

So let’s start it, first:-the lucky patcher is an app for an Android phone. This app gives you the ability to modify many apps and games, modification means to remove licence verification, block unwanted ads, install custom patches, create custom APK files, change permissions, move apps to SD card, backup apps before and after, modifying etc. And this all features which this app gives is without any kind of charges means it is totally free.

The developer of the lucky patcher app is Chelpus. The size of this app is only 8.24 MB which means it does not need more memory in your phone. It can be downloaded from its official website, one important point is also there that this app doesn’t have any iOS version, it is only for or the Android phones.

Personal Review- I used this app and can say that it is ok for me, if you use it correctly and I need then it is very useful for you. Since it is free, so have problem is solved for many people and one more point is that, it cannot be find on Google play, you can only find and download it from its official website and its download is easy and installation of this app also completes in a short time but your phone should be in good condition means it should be a fast device. Note that this app works with rooted devices only. One more point is that it doesn’t hack all kinds of games,which means online games because they use their own server to store games data. It is harmful for other apps and games developers as it decreases their revenue. It can be legal to use this app in some countries however you can use this app without any problem.

The use of this app is simple, you don’t need any rocket science for it and you can learn its use with ease and in little practice. I personally like it’s “block ads” feature because it’s quite irritating when the ads pop out on your phone display when you are engaged in some reading. To find the best experience of this app you first have to root your Android device without that you only can use one or two features of it.

Ok this is my review on this app, I hope you guys like the review and it will help you.


Q1. Which games are compatible with lucky patcher?

Ans:- there are thousands of apps and games that are compatible with this app. You can find a list of games on its official website which can be had with this app.

Q2. Is there any alternative to the lucky patcher?

And:- you can find some alternatives of lucky patcher on different websites but they don’t have this kind of variety of features.

Q3. What is a custom patch in lucky patcher?

And:- custom patch is a unique way to patch many games and apps. It will allow you to patch many apps and games easily.

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