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lamination machine DIY

6 Creative Ways To Use Your Laminating Machine

Some machines provide immense value but have only one job. The lamination machines are some of the machines that have only one job to laminate the documents. Except for laminating the documents and ID cards, you have no job with the machine. But creative people are smarter, and they will find anything to do with such things. The creative people have come up with some of the best ways to use the laminating machine for creative ideas. 

If you are interested to know what else you can do and get creative with the lamination machine, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the most creative ways to use the laminating machine. With these methods and ideas, you can efficiently use your best lamination machine, and it won’t stay dusty in your house if you don’t have any need for laminating the documents and ID cards. 

lamination machine DIY

Creative Ways to Use the Laminating Machines 

#1 – Create a To-Do List 

If you are a freelancer and have to do certain jobs daily, then you have to have a To-Do list. Without the To-Do list, it’s impossible for you to perform certain tasks on a daily basis. With your creative illustration or designing skills, you can easily make a To-Do list. As you have the laminating machine lying in your house, what’s better than making the laminated To-Do list? It’s the best way to safeguard your to-do list from daily wear and tear. Also, it adds a hint of professionalism to your freelancing projects. 

#2 – Make Bookmarks 

The default bookmarks that come with the books are the latest ones. They are made with cheap quality papers and may get damaged within a few days. If you have a bunch of such useless bookmarks, then you can use the sheets or pouches to laminate such bookmarks. This will provide the extra layer of protection and will make such bookmarks stronger. Not just that, you can design your own bookmarks from the paper or the cardboard and use the laminating machine to laminate those. It’s another creative way to use the lamination machine. 

#3 – Laminate your Photographs 

The photographs always stand the test of time. With time, the photos may get dirty and even lose color, making them look rustic. But if you want to preserve your photos for a long time, then you should laminate them. With the lamination, the extra protective layer on the photos will make them future-proof and will keep them in mint condition for a long time. If you have a lot of photos of your child and want to preserve them, then lamination is the best idea. 

#4 – Laminate Unique Leaves 

Laminating the leaves might sound weird, but there are many people who find it interesting. With the lamination machine, you can preserve the leaves of special trees like the Mango, papaya, etc., for keeping in your collection. You can use the laminated leaves in very creative ways. Use it as the door decoration or use it to hang it on the wall. It’s your creativity that will make these colorful laminated leaves shine in your house. 

#5 – Laminate Monopoly Money 

Love playing Monopoly with your kids or friends but tired of the money getting damaged? Well, there’s a better way to use the paper money in-game. All you have to do is to laminate the monopoly currency with the lamination machine, and you’ll be able to use it effectively. Not just that, the money will stack properly on one-another, stay safe for a long time, and will not cause any damage to them due to overuse. 

#6 – Make a Chess Board 

Yes. You can make your own portable chessboard. Just find the perfect image of the chessboard and take a printout of the same on the paper. Make sure you use good quality paper; otherwise, you’ll end up with a crappy print. Now, it’s the time to laminate the chessboard print, and Whoa! You now have the perfect chessboard to play with. Use your creativity and mind to make the chess pieces. Also, you can find antique chess pieces to play with the same. 

Final Words 

If you stretch your limitation and let your creative mind do the work, then you’ll find countless ways to use the different machines. The laminating machine has a limited set of uses; that’s why we were able to provide only the six ways to get creative with the laminating machine. If you have a better creative mind than men, then you can easily get the job done and find more ways to work with the lamination machine. If you have more ways to use the laminating machine, then make sure to use the comment box below. 

BMI for Women: Does a BMI Calculator for Women Make Sense?


Do you recognize your bmi? An increasing number of people recognise theirs, simply as they understand their cholesterol. If you don’t know your bmi, you can use a bmi calculator available on line, consisting of this one at harvard fitness publishing. All you want is your top and weight. Or, you may calculate it your self, the usage of these components:

bmi = (weight in kilos x 703) / (peak in inches x top in inches). So, now that you know your bmi, is it worth knowing? What are you going to do with it? You can calculate your weight using age calculator.

It depends on the person completely

The BMI depends on the variety of persons and how they are handling their weight. It depends on the variety of factor since the BMi for a person can altr between the sex that they are in. For example, the BMI for a male will be quite different when compared to the BMI for a female.

To understand how the scope of BMi is mentioned in your body, you need to understand how it really works and what are the end factors which go into it. For example, there are different scales which can calculate your BMi on the basis of the inputs that you draw in. it completely depends on the type of factors on which the actual height and the weight is raised.

What is meant by BMI?

To understand your bmi way, it’s useful to take a step back and understand what it’s measuring and why it’s measured. Bmi is a calculation of your size that takes into consideration your height and weight.

A number of years ago, I recollect the usage of charts that requested you to discover your height along the left facet and then slide your finger to the proper to see your “ideal weight” from alternatives indexed under small, medium, or large “frame” sizes.

Those charts came from “actuarial” records, calculations that life insurance organizations use to determine your likelihood of reaching an advanced age primarily based on information from hundreds of human beings. Those charts have been bulky to use, and it was never clear how one become to decide someone’s “frame length.”

What is considered to be a normal BMI?

When it is counted, it can be seen that the normal BMI for a normal person is 18.5 and 25. A person and their BMI can gradually fluctuate. It depends on the type of person and how they are willing to lose their weight. Also, for a healthy adult, the BMi of the person can have a normal tug in the amount. As said, the BMi of the individual completely depends on the type of nutrition they are in and the type of issues they are facing. For an overweight adult, the BMi can be measured somewhere around 30.

Does the BMI matter or not?

It’s essential to recognize that bmi itself is not measuring “fitness” or a physiological state (which includes resting blood pressure) that indicates the presence (or absence) of sickness. It’s far really a measure of your size. Masses of people have an excessive or low bmi and are wholesome and, conversely, lots of folks with an everyday bmi are unhealthy. In fact, a person with a normal BMI who smokes and has a sturdy circle of relatives records of cardiovascular disease can also have a better threat of early cardiovascular loss of life than someone who has a high bmi, however, is a physically fit non-smoker.

What to be done if the BMI is more?

There are a lot of things which you can do if there is a cause with your weight. For example, if you are overweight then you can always end up losing weight and then manage your BMI. The bottom line is to maintain a proper physique and BMI which can help you as an individual. There are a variety of things which has to be considered over time when the BMI is measured and it is really important for the normal adult to have a proper understanding of their weight so that they can live a healthy life. It all depends and lies on the choice of foods, exercise and how willing a person is to lose weight.


8 Best UPS For PCs Reviews and Buying Guide

UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply has become a gadget that is widely used by people all over the world and is accepted by many. They serve the capability of PCs to decrease power fluctuations and maintain battery backup when the power system fails. People tend to lose their important data and information when there occurs a sudden power cut and there’s no battery left in the PC. Before buying a UPS, there are some basic factors that should not be neglected. One of the most commonly accepted UPS system in India is the iBall Nirantar UPS 622.

Given below are the factors that a best UPS for pc system must possess.

  • Outlets – The number of outlets does matter and plays an important role in providing efficiency. UPS systems having 3 outlets works best for usage at home, whereas for offices or business purposes more than 3 outlets are required.
  • Warranty – Make sure that the system has a minimum of 2 years of warranty and can be easily relied on.
  • Indicators – This is yet another common factor that a UPS system must possess. Indicators make people aware and warn them of every mistake. Every different color indicates a different meaning and is for different purposes.
  • Price – UPS systems are widely available under different categories and filters. Make sure to buy a system that fits in your budget and is worthy enough.

Below is the list of top 8 UPS for PCs in India, the reviews, and buying guides which may help you get a clear idea of which UPS system to choose.

8 Best UPS For PCs in India 2020

  1. Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS – This particular system is very affordable and will fit your budget quite well. The systems work amazingly and are very efficient. The system is able to provide a battery backup for up to 3 hours continuously. It has an LED indicator and 3 output sockets. The brand is highly reliable and has gained the trust of many people over the years. Also, the system comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. Foxin FPS-755 360W UPS – This system has a battery overload protection and works efficiently when there’s no power. It keeps the battery load maintained and avoids overloading. It has an auto-restart feature and hence the pain of starting the device and waiting for it to start is eased. The device has the capacity to get charged real quick and has inbuilt LED indicators.

  1. iBall Nirantar UPS-61V 600VA – This system is also known as ultra-charging UPS since it has the capability to recharge 33% faster. This may save a lot of time and money. iBall Nirantar UPS-61V 600VA has a 2-year warranty and devices like CCTV cameras, and DVR systems can be simultaneously used along. It also has an audible alarm and LED indicator.

  1. VGuard UPS SESTO 600- 600 VA – This device has a unique feature which makes it possible to charge even in the off mode. It has a battery backup of up to 10-15 minutes. The device has both, audio and video indicators and comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. Microtek Tuff Power Pro + 650 VPA UPS – This UPS system provides complete protection to your device and is very reliable. The device has a sealed battery which ensures complete protection to the battery and the PC. The device comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. APC BE700Y-IND 420-Watt Back UPS – The device has remarkable features and one among those features is that it has multiple sockets and 3 batteries. The device has a capacity of 700VA and has warranty period of 2 years.

  1. V-Guard Sesto Dx 600 – 600 VA UPS – This device does not fail to provide high voltage protection and quality power supply. It comes with a warranty period of 2 years and has an attractive sleek design which makes it look more decent and catchy. The device is affordable works amazingly.

  1. iBall Nirantar UPS 622 – This device has a unique factor that it gets charged 33% faster as compared to the others. It has a great quality with the Boost and Buck AVR facility. The device has an inbuilt LED indicator and has a warranty of 2 years


These were the best 8 UPS in India for the year 2020 with its review and buying guides. The article may help you choose the best UPS system that does not make you regret it.

Thank you for reading.


7 Ways To Cycle Safely

Cycling is a fun sport, and this fun sport is as dangerous as it is enjoyable. Cycling can cause injuries and damage to your body and the vehicle as well. There are various ways one could replicate them or restrict them. In this article, we are going to methods to cycle correctly and the ways to cycle safely.

One of the first things while riding a bicycle is to check for three items, such as air, brakes, and chain.

Air is meant for tires, and tires are what control the pathway of the cycle. Tires are as necessary as your balance, and tires make a proper balance in your journey. According to your process, there are different tires, such as mountain bikes having bigger tires, whereas a racing cycle has thinner tires. The proper amount of air should be present in your tires. They can burst and can cause damage to you. Now one of the most important things while riding any vehicle is to check if the brakes are working efficiently or not.

According to a report by the road safety department, there are more than ten thousand cases of brake failures in a single year, and there are various accident-related to brake failures. Cycle brakes work a little less complicated than also, the best bike bells or a car break, and you can check them while riding your bicycle. The cycle has two leaves, and you need to check both brakes front one and a back one.

Motorcycle owners use one break, and they cycle with only one available break, which can be dangerous in various ways. Now the third thing that matters while riding a bicycle is your chain system. The chain system is what converts your energy into motion. Every bike-cycle owner should oil their bicycle chain day to day or one day in a week because more lubricant will help them change and work more smoothly, whereas a rough chain can damage the bike while riding.

Bicycle helmets are also one of the components one should take care of while riding a bicycle because these helmets can provide you proper safety for your head. A bicycle helmet can protect you from serious injury.

There are various other elements that one should carry with a helmet, such as a knee cap or elbow cap. These elements or accessories can save your elbow and knees from serious injury as well because if you fall from any bike or vehicle, then one of the most frontal elements or part of your body is knee and elbow.

Various other elements should be maintained while riding a bicycle, such as wearing bright color clothes because they reflect from a long distance. Taillights are also necessary elements while buying a cycle or customizing process because tail lights can help anyone from behind see your bicycle from a longer distance. Various people wear headphones while riding a bicycle, causing them damage because they won’t hear any Horn bumping from behind.


Top 10 Hindi Songs Composed by A. R. Rahman

Allah Rakha Rahman (A. R. Rahman) is an Indian singer, composer, and music producer who works in Hindi and Tamil movies. His nicknames are ‘Isai Puyal’ means the musical storm and Mozart of Madras. In 2010, the government of India awarded him with Padma Bhushan award (third highest civilian award in India). You can type in hindi using english to hindi typing.

He was born on 6 January 1967 as A. S. Dileep Kumar in Madras (Chennai), India. He is known for his extensive work for the film industry and stage. He has worked in many movies like Lagaan, Jodhaa Akbar, Delhi – 6, Robot, Rang De Basanti, Ok Jaanu, etc. Here is the top 10 must-listen from A. R. Rahman’s music –

Kun Faya Kun

It is a beautiful Sufi song composed by A. R. Rahaman and dedicated to the great Sufi Saint Nizamuddin. Its lyrics are mesmerizing and provide a feeling of calmness in body and mind. If you are a Sufi lover then, this song will catch your attention.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman, Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali

Label – T-series

Movie – Rockstar

Release year – 2011

Duration – 7 min 53 sec

Nadaan Parindey

Whenever you are feeling low, this song can help to cheer up your mood. Its lyrics feel relatable, so this song will never put you down in any of the emotions.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman

Label – T-series

Movie – Rockstar

Release year – 2011

Duration – 6 min 26 sec

Agar Tum Sath Ho

It is a romantic song depicting a person’s strength when his/her loved ones are around. Its lyrics are captivating, while the background music makes it an excellent sentimental song.

Artist – Arijit Singh, Alka Yagnik

Label – T-series

Movie – Tamasha

Release year – 2015

Duration – 5 min 41 sec

Mera Yaar Milaade

It is a sad-romantic song depicting a person’s situation when someone you love has departed from you. It is a Romantic sad song with a loving voice.


Artist – A. R. Rahaman

Label – Yash Raj Films Music

Movie – Saathiya

Release Year – 2016

Duration – 5 min 43 sec

Ye Jo Des Hai Tera

It is a beautiful patriotic song that gives the goosebumps with its motivating and mesmerizing lyrics. This song is more of Nostalgia and depicting Indian values, traditions, and the nation’s pride through words.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman

Label – T-series

Movie – Swades

Release year – 2004

Duration – 6 min 27 sec

Taal Se Taal

It is a song specially made for a dance video of the movie Taal. If you will see the music video, then you would be able to relate the lyrics more. Its lyrics are so capturing and captivating that this song is going to be on loop for days.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan

Label – Tips Music

Movie – Taal

Release year – 1999

Duration – 6 min 18 sec

Maa Tujhe Salaam

It is another beautiful patriotic song that gives the goosebumps with its motivating and mesmerizing lyrics. This song is more of Nostalgia and depicting the time of Independence through words.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman

Label – Sony Music Entertainment

Movie – Maa Tujhe Salaam

Album – Vande Mataram

Release year – 1997

Duration – 6 min 14 sec

Khawaja Mere Khawaja

It is a beautiful Sufi song composed by A. R. Rahaman. Its lyrics are mesmerizing and provide a feeling of calmness in body and mind. If you are a Sufi lover then, this song will catch your attention. Its lyrics are so appealing that it will be a difficult task to get over it.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman

Movie – Jodhaa Akbar

Release year – 2008

Duration – 6 min 35 sec


This song has created a strong impression on the hearts and minds of the masses. The heart touching lyrics and soothing background music can give Adrenaline rush to the listener.

Artist – A. R. Rahaman

Label – Sony Music Entertainment

Movie – Rang De Basanti

Release year – 2005

Duration – 4 min 43 sec


It is a magical composition of A. R. Rahaman has not lost its popularity to date. It has charming lyrics that make it difficult for the listeners to get over this beautiful and incredible song.

Artist – Mohit Chauhan

Label – T-series

Movie – Delhi – 6

Release year – 2009

Duration – 4 min 50 sec

All songs from A. R. Rahaman is incredible and soothing to the soul. Therefore, you should listen to all at once and become a forever fan of his voice. Outside wounds are healed by using the ointment, but good music can heal from inside.…

Lucky Patcher – The Best App Ever Created For Android Devices!

Before going to the review of the lucky patcher app we should know ,what exactly is the lucky patcher app is? What does it do? Who made it? Etc.

So let’s start it, first:-the lucky patcher is an app for an Android phone. This app gives you the ability to modify many apps and games, modification means to remove licence verification, block unwanted ads, install custom patches, create custom APK files, change permissions, move apps to SD card, backup apps before and after, modifying etc. And this all features which this app gives is without any kind of charges means it is totally free.

The developer of the lucky patcher app is Chelpus. The size of this app is only 8.24 MB which means it does not need more memory in your phone. It can be downloaded from its official website, one important point is also there that this app doesn’t have any iOS version, it is only for or the Android phones.

Personal Review- I used this app and can say that it is ok for me, if you use it correctly and I need then it is very useful for you. Since it is free, so have problem is solved for many people and one more point is that, it cannot be find on Google play, you can only find and download it from its official website and its download is easy and installation of this app also completes in a short time but your phone should be in good condition means it should be a fast device. Note that this app works with rooted devices only. One more point is that it doesn’t hack all kinds of games,which means online games because they use their own server to store games data. It is harmful for other apps and games developers as it decreases their revenue. It can be legal to use this app in some countries however you can use this app without any problem.

The use of this app is simple, you don’t need any rocket science for it and you can learn its use with ease and in little practice. I personally like it’s “block ads” feature because it’s quite irritating when the ads pop out on your phone display when you are engaged in some reading. To find the best experience of this app you first have to root your Android device without that you only can use one or two features of it.

Ok this is my review on this app, I hope you guys like the review and it will help you.


Q1. Which games are compatible with lucky patcher?

Ans:- there are thousands of apps and games that are compatible with this app. You can find a list of games on its official website which can be had with this app.

Q2. Is there any alternative to the lucky patcher?

And:- you can find some alternatives of lucky patcher on different websites but they don’t have this kind of variety of features.

Q3. What is a custom patch in lucky patcher?

And:- custom patch is a unique way to patch many games and apps. It will allow you to patch many apps and games easily.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\download (1).jpg

A brief history of Scrabble

Does the term ‘scrabble’ ring any bells inside your mind? If not, then your childhood, even for that matter your adulthood isn’t as fun as mine. In 1938, this highly played and the most enjoyed word game was developed by Alfred Mosher Butts as a modification to his previously developed word game ‘Lexiko’. The word game Scrabble word finder is a board and tile game in which two or four parties compete with each other by forming words on a lettered board of 225 square grids. The tactics with which this game is played is as similar to the one used in the crossword puzzle.


Mr. Alfred Mosher Butts in his study room;

The idea of creating such a spelling oriented game was conceived during the times of the Great Depression. Mr Butts thought of developing Scrabble to divert the economic minds

away from the bleak of economic instability in the United States. However, the reach of Scrabble was still far from the hands of the American citizens who were busy dealing with the post effects of World War 2. Initially, Mr Butts could not find an appropriate name for his word game, thus, named the game ‘it’ and then switching over to names like ‘Lexiko’ and Criss-cross. After many years of rigorous attempts of finding a suitable sponsor, he tried tinkering and switching with the game’s method of operations. However, when his patent plea got rejected, not once but twice, he lost his zeal to promote the game any further.


In 1948, James Brunot, one of the residents of Newtown, Connecticut, who at the time owned the manufacturing rights of several board games in the United States contacted Alfred Mosher Butts and decided to purchase the rights of manufacture of Criss-Crosswords (Scrabble). James Brunot liked Mr Butts’ imagination of forming a letter game that is the combination of three educational games such as board games, number games like dice, and letter games such as crossword puzzles. Without any further ado, Mr Brunot agreed to pay Mosher the royalty on his creation of every unit sold in the market. James was an enthusiastic marketer who did his very best in promoting the overall structure of the entire idea. He played with the color combinations such as pastel pink, baby indigo, bright red, and many more to make the game more appealing and catchy to the eyes. The foremost alternation that occurred was in its name. From being called ‘It’ and ‘Criss Crosswords’, it was officially introduced as “Scrabble” in the market.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\download (1).jpg

Mr. James Brunot in a meeting;

The term scrabble means ‘to scratch frantically’. With this new definition and will power, James and his family set up the first-ever manufacturing unit of Scrabble in the abandoned schoolhouse in Connecticut. This was the place where the initial production of Scrabble started. Here, every hour twelve units of the game were produced. However, the beginning was not as fruitful as it was supposed to be and the entire team lost a ton of money in the whole vocation. But destiny has its own pace, thereby, Scrabble got its big break in 1952 when the chairman of Macy’s Mr. Jack Straus played the game for the first time. He immediately started shelving his stocks with the units of the game. That year, the sales plummeted so much so that James’ manufacturing unit was churning out 2,000 units of the set per week.

This vicissitude of the whole venture was not well received by James Brunot. Ultimately, in order to meet the demand and supply curve, he decided to sell the manufacturing rights to Selchow and Righter who, like many others previously rejected the game. The creator of the whole venture Mr. Butts received a total of $265,000 in royalties, while James got approximately $1.5 million. From the year 1980 to 2000, Scrabble saw a lot of transition moving from the hand of one director to another. However, the market for the whole venture remained intact.

The game was first sold in the United Kingdom in 1954. Since then, Scrabble has been produced in over 22 languages including Braille. It created its worldwide audience over time, in fact, several tournaments were held up for the enthusiasts who eagerly looked up to it. In 1984, the success graph of Scrabble took a positive hike when the game was turned into a day time show on NBC. This game show was telecasted from 1984 to 1990 which was followed by its second run in the year 1993. The time changed but the legacy continued. In 2011, Scrabble Showdown was hosted which was a collaboration of Discovery Communications Inc. and Hasbro.

Scrabble was faced a lot of muting and degradation at the same time as its enlightening years. The game set was being sold out of the U.S by the rivals of Hasbro, who owned more than half of the $1.1 billion of U.S games market. As the times passed, in 1993, Mattel, who were the top competitors of Hasbro, paid $90 million to get a hold on the international rights of Scrabble. The evidence lies in the bifurcated homepage of

C:\Users\user\Desktop\download (3).jpg

Followed by several contemporaries on a global scale, in 2005, Scrabulous, an unauthorized version of Scrabble was launched on the then-followed Facebook. Hasbro, the owner of the North American rights of the game opposed as it highly impacted the US markets. Facing the lawsuit, the creators of Scrabulous, Mr. Rajat and Mr. Jayant Agarwalla in 2008, developed another version of Scrabble known as Wordscraper. This scrabble-like set allowed users to modify their own boards and team up accordingly. Later that year, Facebook officially banned Scrabulous for its North American users. Hasbro, competing legally, finally won and launched the online version of Scrabble on Facebook.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\images (1).jpg

This highly followed board-set game saw a lot of implications over time. Nevertheless, many modifications and versions never failed to impress its audience. In 2004, Scrabble was presented into the National Toy Hall of Fame.…

Best Keypad phones under 1500 INR – Amazon

The era of mobile phones began with these keypad phones. These days people have shifted their focus on high-tech smart android phones. But they are very vulnerable to damage and are expensive. Moreover, they can not be afforded by everybody. So, these keypad phones are still existent. They are durable and have long battery life. They are also resistant to damage and are long-lasting as compared to smartphones. They are cheap and fulfill the basic requirement of phones that is calling along with some extra features added. They are also used by students who are easily distracted by smartphones. These phones help them in communication without disturbing their studies. Here is a list of best keypad phones that are available under 1500 Rs on Amazon.

1. Micromax X741

Its RAM is of 32 MegaBytes and so is the ROM. It has a display of 2.4 inches. The camera has a resolution of 0.6 Mega Pixels. It possesses a battery of 1750 mAh. It also comes with a warranty of six months. This is a handy phone and comes in a blue color. The keypad is also really impressive. It is available for a nominal price of 1000 RS and is a dual sim type phone. It is a feature phone and comes with a charger, battery and a user guide. This phone is a great buy. this is an amazing phone which can be perfectly good for you. If you get this phone from the market right now then you are definitely going to have a good time that you want.

2. Nokia 105 ss

It has a 4 megapixel RAM and 4 MB ROM. The display is 1.8 inches (4.57 cm). It also guarantees a warranty of 1 year. It has round edges and is black. The size is 4.57 cm. It is a single sim type phone. The phone book memory is 2000. It has a phone book. The network type is 2 G. The battery is removable and the keypad is alphanumeric. It also has predictive text input. FM radio can also be played. Nokia phones are known for their durability and long life. These are tough phones and do not damage easily.

3. Micromax X412

This is a black colored keypad phone that is highlighted with red and white-colored keys. It does not have a hybrid sim slot and is not dual sim. The display size is 4.5 cm. the resolution is 320*240 pixels. A 12 months warranty is guaranteed. The phone does not have a camera. But a speed dial facility is available. Its price is 1500 RS. This phone is good to look at and has low maintenance.

4. Samsung guru music 2 mobile

This is a handy and powerful phone. It is designed in black and white colors with a stylish keypad. It has a QQVGA display. The memory is expandable to 16 GB. A dual sim feature is available. It has a 6 months manufacturer warranty. The phone box comes with a charger. It is stylish and resistant. It also has a torch and mp3 music player. Samsung phones have their characteristics and features which make them worth buy.

5. Nokia 105

This is a unique keypad phone that comes in a unique pink color and is attractive to look at. It is available for approximately RS 1000. It is a single sim and has an 800Mah battery with a long life. It comes in 240*320 pixels resolution. It is lightweight and has a very small size. It is easy to carry. The product dimensions are 12.5*3.3*11.9 cm. it has a one year warranty for device and 6-month manufacturer warranty. Again the Nokia phones at such a nominal rate are worth buying.

6. Nokia 106

This is a black colored phone made of polycarbonates. The black color is advantageous as the scratches can’t be detected easily. Also black color has its charm. It is compact sized and is designed for both works as well as recreation. It has a built-in snake game and some games that can be bought like nitro racing, etc. using this one can easily keep in touch with relatives and family. It is lightweight and weighs 68 grams. This is a 2G phone. It has a micro USB port that helps to charge. It has five games that are already installed. It comes for RS .1500. It is created out of intense passion and is suitable for people seeking keypad phones.


It has a 0.08 MP camera of 160*128 pixels. It has a unique feature of automatic call recording. It has a combination of white, red and black displays. It has a one year warranty and 3.5 mm jack, Video recording, Audio player, Internet, pre-installed Games, Alarm, World Clock, Torch, etc. It typically gets charged within 4 to 5 hours. It is available at a nominal price and impactful design.

8. IKALL K 2180

It is a blue-colored phone with a selfie camera having a dual camera, expandable memory, torchlight, Bluetooth. It also has a dual sim stand by and a 0.3 MP camera. It is cheap and is available for a cost of 800 Rs. The call quality is clear and it is worth money. It is best suited for a person seeking a stylish compact phone for communication.

Hence this is a list of keypad phones under 1500 RS. Before buying, a person should consider many factors like design, color, price, durability, etc.…

How to Choose the Best Manual Can-Openers For You

A can opener can be one of the most trusty tools in your kit when working around the kitchen. Unless you have a trusty all-metal rotary opener that’s been in the family for years, the next option would be that you’ve been using plastic options which keep breaking after a couple of uses. There are certain factors that determine the best tools like durability, strength, speed and comfort, safety, etc. Electric can openers are always another option for those having a lot of canned food or have trouble using the manual options. In this context, we’ve compiled a couple of good options that will save you from further frustration and lost money. There are definitely other good options but this list covers a majority of the better options available in the market.

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener

While this tool lacks flashiness and special features, it makes up for this in power and good construction. It can easily pierce through lids while staying attached to the edges and can make its way around almost all cans with no catches or resistances along the way. The handles are made of rubber, making them easy to grip and negating the possibility of hand fatigue when opening through multiple cans. Even beginners can operate this tool with least possibility of room error. The tool boasts of inherent ease of using along with sufficient speed and durability. The possible drawbacks are resultant sharp-edged lids and that it is designed for right-handed users.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

This tool personifies safety and comfort. It easily attaches to the top of cans and there is a visual guideline to assist the users instead of attempting guesswork while gliding around the edges. It makes sure that the top separates cleanly from the base like the lid of a jar. The tool’s speed is compromised as compared to other options but it is more comfortable and less likely to break in one’s grip. The pinchers are built into the opener’s metal controlled by the handle. The steady construction makes it a good option for the future. The price is also better so buying a can-opener shouldn’t feel like much of an investment. A possible drawback could be that overuse may lead to its plastic components and safety blades may not effectively work in the long run.

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter

This tool is for those who do not possess a dominant right hand. The knob for operation is placed on top of the opener. The speed is among the best throughout other options with the help of small pinchers that lift can lids. The handle, knob and the button on the tool are all made of plastic which might compromise its durability for a steady future. The product is also reviewed to have limited shelf life on the lid-lifter part.

Made in USA can opener

As in the name, the tool prides itself in American manufacturing tactics with sturdiness and durability to last. The construction is similar to that of EZ-DUZ-IT, while costing twice as much, which reaches an obvious conclusion.

OCO Good Grips Can Opener

This rotary opener combines the advantages of functionality of the classic EZ-DUZ-IT and the round, well-padded knob of the OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge. The tool is built for comfort while using and has great reviews for its customers. The gears are secured with the handle using plastic, possibly compromising durability. The tool produces sharp edges when used and can be used by right-handed individuals.

Bartelli Soft Edge 3-in-1

While the tool looks odd, the presence of a bottle opener right below the knob that looks like Mickey Mouse ears is simple enough once you get acquainted with it. There is a slight edge with the thickness of the can’s perimeter that requires more force with the tool. The tool is very comfortable to use even for a beginner. Its plastic construction could compromise with its long-term integrity but its use results in safe edges while being good for left-handed users.

US Shelby Co. P-51

This tool is currently sold along with its smaller companion, the P-38. The tools are made to be small and portable as well as durable. They also have a historical touch, having originated during World War II. They are highly useful, can open any can with enough practice and elbow grease. However, it takes a long time to get the hang of it and the small size can hurt your hand the first couple of times. It is also difficult to get the P-38’s blade propped up and kept away from the base. It is great as a handy gift to another friend or if you want something small to go for hiking. For everyday use, you could easily misplace the tool somewhere in the multitude of drawers or can potentially hurt your thumbs.

Korin Gangy No.300 Can Opener

This tool was exceedingly popular for a limited period of time. It is sleek, the bright red-like colour and its handle-like design prove a change from the traditional rotary openers in black and chrome. The packaging is also pretty attractive. Since it is a fixed opener, there is no plastic used in its construction and there are no moving parts anywhere on the device. However, trails have shown that it is pretty difficult to use with multiple attempts needed to know how to move the opener and at what angle it needs to be operated. Considerable strength is needed to move the device and there is an extremely sharp and exposed blade which could leave jagged edges and difficult to use for children and otherwise compromised people. So, if you are skilled with your hands or if you want something cool to show to your friends, this tool is extremely useful but you must be considerate of aspects such as safety and the lack of ease to use.…

The Best beer growlers you need to buy

Beer has been one of the symbols of peace, joy and relaxation. If a person gets tired from his busy schedule, then at night peacefully consuming beer is the only wish he prays for. Since time immemorial, beer has been one of the tastiest less-alcoholic drink. It has multiple numbers of benefits if consumed adequately. Beer helps in reducing heart disease, strengthening bones, boosts nutrients, reduces the risk of kidney stones, etc. This less-alcoholic drink is shipped from one country to another. Export and import of good quality of the beer are done in many countries like America, Europe, Australia, etc. Beers are poured inside a bottle and transported from one country to another. The container of the beer is also called growler or beer growler.

What is Beer Growler?

Growler or beer growler is a glass, plastic or stainless steel bottle or container used to ship beer in countries like US, Japan, Canada, etc. Beers are generally sold in bars, pubs or roadside shops. Growlers can be easily filled, sealed and also refilled. In factories or any beer-refilling station, the beer is poured in the growler and then sealed with a cork-like structure. This cork-like structure helps in preventing the fragrance of beer to go out. The lustrous nature of the growler makes it more attractive and demanding.

Importance of Beer Growler

A beer growler is generally used in the transportation of beer from one place to another. It has the capacity to contain a large amount of beer. The container is air-tight, hence, it does not allows the carbon dioxide present in the beer to go out. It helps in storing the fragrance of the drink for many days. Due to its large size, a huge quantity of beer can be filled inside it. It can also be refilled once the beer gets over. In this way, one can easily keep a good stock of beer in their home or pub or bar.

Types of Beer Growlers

Basically, there are three types of beer growler. The division is done on the basis of material used in the making of the growler. The importance of all the three types are growlers are mentioned below:-

  1. Glass:- Growlers made up of glass are easily available in the market. It is very popular also. It is recommended not to buy a growler made up of clear glass as the beer inside it may turn bad if it gets in contact with UV rays of the sun. Moreover, the glass bottle may break if slipped out of the hand. It may also crack due to large pressure. So, a glass beer growler should be handled with care. However, the shiny appearance of the glass beer growler adds attraction towards it.

  1. Stainless Steel:- This type of beer growler is very popular and easy to carry. It is not as fragile as compared to glass beer growler. It means that if a beer growler made up of stainless steel slips from the hand, then also it will not break. Due to steel covering, the liquid inside it remains as it is. It means that if a hot or cold liquid is poured inside a steel growler then, due to insulation the liquid present inside remains hot or cold respectively. The never-fading lustre of steel growler is one of the best feature which makes it more attractive and demading. It is easily portable. One can carry steel growler from one place to another.

Ceramic:-Ceramic beer growler is also popular but it is very costly. It is highly fragile and break if slips from the hand. One cannot see through the growler which may cause the problem at the time of refilling. A ceramic beer growler looks amazing but it is very heavy and cannot be carried away easily. Still, ceramic bottles are used in pubs and houses as it has great looks.

Importance of Cleaning Beer growler

  1. Hot water bath:- As soon as the growler gets empty, it is advised to clear it with warm refilled keeping it free from any bacterial attacks.
  2. Cleaning it with cleanser:- After giving it a hot water bath, it is recommended not to use oil-based soap other If the residuals are left behand then it may ruin the taste of the beer after refilling it.
  3. Air-dry:- After completing the cleansing process, the bottle should be kept properly to air dry. It is recommended not to use towels for drying them.

Hence, it can be seen that beer growler is important. The attractive varieties have made use of growlers more demanding. The air-tight container helps in maintaining the scent of the beer for a longer period. The refilling feature is also very good. One may go to the brewery for refilling it once the beer gets finished. All the types of growlers are special in their own way. Before purchasing a beer growler, the components should be kept in mind. There are so many beer growlers available in the market but one should be very careful while purchasing it. Beer growlers have a special significance. It is generally used for transportation and import and export of beer shares a large area of the market throughout the world. It is advised to consume beer in small and adequate proportion because we all are aware of the saying that excess of anything is bad.…